Confession: I defecated during oral sex

This very popular athlete was giving me oral sex and I got a little carried away and defecated on myself. Only a small amount caught the corner of his mouth but the most shocking part is that he wasn’t even upset or surprised. He looked at me, wiped the corner of his mouth with his finger then went to wash his face. It was the most embarrassing ordeal of my life and I wanted to bury myself. While I was cleaning up, this man came back and stuck his tongue “down there”. I was so irritated at this point cause clearly I wasn’t feeling well and I was embarrassed but he didn’t care. He literally forced himself onto me until I eventually gave in again and I orgasmed.

We have been hooking up for a while and he gives me money but I don’t know if I want to continue. He sings all these gun and gyallis songs yet he’s basically out here eating vagina and a**.

I’ve come to realize that nothing is truly as it seems. People say one thing then do the other.

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