Confession: I Am Scared of The Bedroom Bully I Married

The saying weh you must be careful what you wish for is so true.  I am a male and mi can’t manage.
I was a road runner who change nuff girls.  My stamina was rough man, lubb punny bad, can’t get enough a di girls them.  Mi used to have girls a bawl and scream and moan and affi cry cree.  Mi always pray and tell father God seh if him gi mi a girl who can match up to mi energy I will chill.
Yow, mi meet this catty, girl look innocent with natural hair enu..the girl not even wear pants, pure dress and long skirts.  My intention was a stick and guh through.  The girl have man a wine and dine her for about a good 2 months.  Normally I would a just move on but sumu about the girl have mi drawn to her.
One night mi seh a time fi test this water now, suh I took her to a nice hotel on the northcoast… now she can’t tell me no when mi start send on romance on her.  We book in and a gwaan talk and chill, then I made my move on her.  She took a likkle time to warm up, but my girl just teck over the show.  She gi mi a piece a f..k deh, mi never feel nuttin sweet suh.. mi nuh stop bite mi finger.  When mi meck the first pop, tired like bredda dawg and a try build back my girl throat my boy back up and ready again. The innocent looking girl duh mi some things that night deh.  Mi cuddu let her go so we dated seriously and got married after.
I think the ring would a meck she go easy, a now the woman want it.  Right now mi can’t even give her eye contact more while because mi agu pay for it.  She work mi anyweh, anytime.  I thank God when her period come cause that a di only break I can get.  I am all at work and afraid to go home because the boy tired bad.  Mi all a sleep at work because I can’t get enough sleep at home.  Right now mi a think to guh foreign pon a program to get a break from her, but mi fraid somebody else get it.
Scared Husband

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