Confession: How to be a Lady on the Streets But a Freak in the Sheets

There are some ladies who are afraid to be freaks for their husbands; to them I say buckle up and start riding. Most females desire and pray for husbands and boyfriends, but when they get them, how do they plan on keeping them?  A relationship is like cooking; it requires spices, herbs and creativity.  You do not want the same food everyday,  so you try new recipes.  That’s the same way marriages/relationships require new recipes.  I am just going to share a little peek inside my matrimonial sexual lifestyle.

I am 32 years old and my husband is 38 and we have been married for 3 years.  We are both professionals; I am a Marketing Manager and he is a Quantity Surveyor.   We dated before and chose to learn about each other’s sexual preferences before taking the marriage step. We learnt that both of us had a big sex appetite so we connected there.  Before we got married, he made me promise to bring the high sexual maintenance into the marriage or else we would split.  I made that commitment, so I must keep it.

I eat healthy and exercise daily.  Each day of the week has a descriptive theme for example ‘Watchful Wednesdays’ where we watch each other performing different sexual tasks solo or ‘Talented Tuesdays’ where we display creative sex tasks.

We do not bring phones to bed with us at nights; a phone is like a sidechick who chooses to call your husband at inappropriate times.  Our bedroom is used for exploring, bonding and resting.   Before sleeping we pray together for coverage and unity in our marriage.

When we go out, I try starting up some action in some unusual places and always stop; that way his mind and body is in overdrive and cannot wait to get home.  One night we were at his office banquet and he went up to give a speech.  While he was there talking, I quickly disappeared under the table; when he came back and sat down, I started feeling on him (he nearly choked) and when he peeped and saw me, he knew what time it was.  I gave him my ‘Magical Mondays’ throat specialty right there in that ballroom and then I stopped before he peaked.  Imagine what happened when we got home.

We are not afraid to explore each other.  My toes have to be painted at all times because my husband loves to suck on them.  There are many different edible oils that are available to spice things up.

We love listening to others experiences and trying them.  Nothing is wrong with copying and improving on other’s bedroom ideas; remember the aim is to spice up your home.  If I go out and I hear something exciting, I try it with my husband.

The biggest thing for me is the use of my imagination.  I think up creative stuff from my experience. I remember using mint and chocolate flavoring as a base for oral sex; that was another level of ecstasy.  I go shopping at the supermarket, I always look for things that can enhance our performance.

We love and trust each other so we do bondage a lot.  He will tie me to the bed posts, get me fully excited then leave me to go cook; occasionally coming to check on me by having a quick taste of my clit.  By the time he releases me, I am so pent up that I am very aggressive for him.

They say a happy wife means a happy life, but a pleasured husband means a happy home.  I will write more a next time.


The Wise Wife

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