Growing up as an only child in a household of five adults my mother, father, uncle and two aunts. when I was about 9-10 my uncle was gay and use to touch me, until he started using his finger to stick in my bottom every time he did it he would pay me and told me never to talk.
I use to love the money so I never told anyone. As I got older I started enjoying it more by then I became closer to my Uncle, my parents use to think it was just family love so it was easier for us to enjoy each other without anyone knowing. Until I was about 16 years of age my uncle started penetrating me, I use to love it, he bought me my first car then rented me a fully furnished apartment in an upscale area.
I was living lavish and always love it until I started meeting new gay friends and started having fun, a few years later my uncle got sick and eventually died, leaving all his wealth for me. It was then my family found out we were gays and I had to stop visiting my family and made new friends that became my family and accepted me for who I have become. Am now a wealthy man because of my uncle, I have no regrets of becoming gay.

I love being gay. I do miss my uncle at times though because he was my first true love and gay experience. Am now happily married to a man I fell in love with and enjoying my life.

A.G.  St Ann.

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