Confession: His penis is small but he makes up for it with his tongue

There’s a popular dancehall producer who is believed to be with one of his colleagues but they are not together anymore based on my knowledge. Society still thinks they are though. He and I have been seeing each other for some months and his penis is small but he is rich and sweet so I just stick around. What he can’t do with his penis, he makes up for with his mouth. He gives the best head ever. I have never met anybody who can work their tongue like him. I am smiling just by writing this. I am finishing up my Master’s Degree right now and he paid half my tuition. He says he loves educated women and wants to see me reach far. I am not sure if the artiste that everybody thinks he’s with knows about me but that doesn’t matter. I see myself settling with him. He makes sure I’m good all the time.

We’re gonna look at cars together and see how best we can come together and buy one.

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