Confession: ‘Her Trash, My Treasure’

I worked at a Bank in Portland for 6 years.  During my time there, I would see this dark tinted shabby looking car dropping off one of my co-workers in the mornings.  It was always weird because she would look to see if anyone was looking before she quickly made her exit.  The car was so darkly tinted that no matter how I look I could never see who was on the inside.  This co-worker was very prim and proper, always neat and flawlessly made up; so I always wondered who was she hiding.  I just decided to mind the business that paid me.  After a while I  realized that Miss Prim and Proper from work was no longer getting dropped off by the dark-tinted car, but now by a SUV where she would linger and flirt with the occupant but as usual I minded my own business.

A friend of mine told me that she wanted us to do a double date.  Now I have not been on a date in the past year because the man I thought I loved had a whole wife and family, so I decided to just stay by myself.  I told my friend I would go just for her sake.  I decided on a relaxed look for the date.  I wore a jeans pants, a sweater and a sneakers.  I had my natural hair in one and just added lip gloss to my face.  My girlfriend complimented my relaxed look when she picked me up and we headed off to the lounge.

I did not have any preconceived thoughts about this date because I was just pleasing my friend.  When we arrived at the location, they were having open mic night; that’s where people would take the stage and do whatever they feel.  We met up with the two gentlemen and I was introduced to the one who would be my date.  He complimented my simple attire and my natural face.  He definitely wasn’t bad looking on the eyes but the dressing could be a turn off.  I am not a materialistic person so I just decided to put that aside and just try to enjoy the moment.

It turned out that the four of us were having good conversations and enjoying the moment. The Mc came to our table and dropped the mic for someone to take the stage.  We were all shying away but then my date said he would go then he asked me to join him on the stage.  I was feeling nice due to the liquor and decided why not.   He said he wanted us to do a duet; now I cannot sing but I decided to have fun.  The song he chose was ‘ I Pledge My Love’ by Peaches and Herb, I was like ok then let’s do this.  When the music started he touched my hand and I could have sworn I felt an electric shock and then I saw his reaction as if he felt it too but I blamed it on the alcohol.  I started singing the female part just going with the flow, but when the male part started and he started singing; I literally had to do a double take.   The man’s voice was like a nightingale and he was staring deep into my soul.  It was like it was only the 2 of us there at that moment.  When the song stopped and he hugged me, the same tingling feeling came back and I quickly let go and walked back to the table. The applause kept going.  My girlfriend asked me to accompany her to the restroom where she asked what was happening up there on the stage because we looked like two lovers.  I told her I had no clue.  We went back to the table to Mr. Nightingale.  We joked around a little until it was time to leave.  He asked me on another date and I quickly accepted.

On that date, I met him at a beach bar where we spent over 4 hours getting to know each.  I told him about my break-up and he told me that he was trying to get to know someone, but it wasn’t working out because of her being very materialistic.  When I told him where I worked, he held an expression that I could hardly read but I just shook it off.  He told me that he works at a popular high-end garage in Portland and I told that’s great that he has a job.  We agreed on more dates, but I always drove to meet him.  I was no longer looking at the way he dressed, but I was drawn into his personality.

One day Mr. Nightingale called me while at work to ask if he could carry lunch for me and I said sure.  He came inside and in my office with the food.  While sitting there Miss Prim and Proper walked by with a stank expression on her face and he smiled.  I asked if he knew her and he said yes, but we will talk about it later.  He asked me to walk him outside to the parking lot and I almost fell down when I saw him opening the door to the same shabby looking car that Miss Prim and Proper would come out of.  I could not believe it at all.

He later revealed to me that he is the owner of the garage and he uses that car to see how any prospective woman would react.  He told me that him and Miss Prim and Proper did not work because she said, for her caliber she could not be with someone as low classed as him.  I could not believe the man was so wealthy .  We dated for a couple more years and during that time I rearranged his wardrobe and moved in with him.  I resigned from the back and went to manage his businesses ( yes I said businesses, he owns a variety of businesses).

We got married shortly after at that nice hotel in Portland,  yes the one that’s fitting for a king and his queen.  We have been living great. I am now on baby number 2 and baby number 1 is only 9 months old.  My Nightingale and I cannot get enough of each other.

I am happy Miss Prim and Proper threw out her trash and I found it as my treasure.

Mrs. Nightingale 🥰

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