Confession: Having Fun with My Girlfriend’s Niece

My 34-year-old girlfriend lives with her 18-year-old niece and her two kids. I see her almost every day but we do not live together. Since last year I notice that her niece acts strange around me, especially when we are alone. If we’re in the hall, she’ll sit very near to me, and while we’re talking, her hand will fall on my thighs, and her breasts will brush against me as she bends over me. She is very beautiful and sexy, and when she comes close I get turned on. I realize that she is doing everything to get me to notice her so I started to speak more openly with her when we were alone. One day she admitted that she had seen me having sex with her aunt and that it had turned her on, After that, whenever we had a chance to be alone, she gets more daring, until one day she asked if she could feel my penis. I open my zip and she took it in her hand, then stroked and kissed it. She kissed me on the lips and we ended just kissing and fondling each other for over an hour. After that day, I kept thinking about whether or not I should actually have sex with her. Then the day came when I was relaxing, she came home and jumped on me as soon as I locked the door, knowing full well that her aunt wont be home for a couple of hours. Then we both strip down and her young sexy body got me so excited that I decided I wouldn’t stop. I teased her with my tongue, lips, and fingers. We made wild passionate love and have been doing so since then.

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