Confession: Gay and happy with my freaky politician

I am a gay male who has been with a very prominent politician for almost two years. He is married but I guess his wife is just a facade cause we’re very much in love. He just helped me to start a business and he pays my rent. This man is extremely freaky and even eats my anus. We’ve had threesomes and foursomes with other men and they were amazing. He’s kind, smart, handsome; even though he’s not too young and everything I’ve always wanted. He says his wife doesn’t know he’s gay and he’d like to keep it that way so we’re really careful. I am in love with him and I’d want to settle with him, no lie. Our relationship has been nothing but blissful. After I finish writing this I’m going to order us some dinner and set up some candles cause he’s coming over later. The people in his constituency have been stressing him out so I know he needs this. We’re gonna have a ball tonight!

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