Confession:  Don’t Play With A Knocked-Knee Man

I am a female who loves to see sexy males.  I love to see the wash-board abs and the muscular arms.  Those things drive me insane.  If a male doesn’t have those features he cannot come nowhere near this girl here.
I was at the taxi stand in New Kingston one night after work, but could not get any taxi.  The place was getting very lonely and it is like the lord sent this van to stop by me.  When the window went down it was this guy who worked in the same building as me.  We would only exchange common courtesies so I could not fully describe his body, only thing I know was that he is round.  I got in his van and we had a good conversation going home.   We realized we lived in close proximity so we exchanged numbers and then he would start taking me to and from work.
He asked me out on a date and I said why not, it won’t kill me moreover, this man has been very kind to me.  When we reached our destination, like a gentleman he came around and opened the door for me.  I was so taken aback when I saw this round man in an extremely close-fitted shirt and pants.  His belly was banging over, but the killer was the knocked-knees.  I was so disappointed that I said lord help me through this date.  I ensured that we sat somewhere where nobody could see me with him.  The man is a gentleman though, he surely knew how to treat a woman, but he was just plain unattractive.   We drank a lot and was having a great time nonetheless.
I was a bit tipsy when we left and he offered to take me inside my home.  While inside he ensured that I was ok then kissed my forehead and thanked me for a great evening.  I don’t know if it was the liquor, but I was very horny so I asked him to stay for a bit.
We were on the couch watching a Netflix movie when I started caressing him.  He asked me if I was certain about this because he is a stallion.  I wanted to just laugh at the round belly man because I was saying ‘guh see him likkle prick’, but I behaved nicely.  He started kissing my neck and it felt really good, when he reached to my breast I was leaking like a faucet.  He then lifted my dress and started dining through my panty.  Who remember suck suck bag juice?  The man had me feeling like I was one.  The feeling was out of this world; I literally came four times.  I asked to return the favor and he said no, that night is all about pleasing me.
The man took off his pants and I started backing away.  The round belly, knocked-knee man had a good 11 to 12 inches going on.  He said don’t run and he put on the magnum condom (the man well prepared).  He entered me slowly and I felt like my breathe was about to stop.  I came just then and there.  He then picked up the pace and I couldn’t stop cumming.   The man was as agile as a monkey, some ways he set me on the big plank.  When it was time for him to release the man just quickly come out, dragged off the condom and flipped me over so my mouth on his plank and my vagina on his face.  Now I have never tasted cum but that night it was like the first meal I was looking forward to have so bad.  When we finish he just looked at me and smile.  No sexy body, strong body man has ever given me not even half the pleasure of what this round bang belly knocked-knee man gave to me.
Now that is MY man and the way how I am jealous over him, not even look I don’t want no other woman looking at my knocked-knee stallion.

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