Confession: Depressed Since My Boyfriend Left Me

Confession: Depressed Since My Boyfriend Left Me– My boyfriend and I were together for a brief minute, nevertheless, I fell in love with him so deep nobody else mattered.
Then something went wrong. Not much I can explain but he decided to break off with me and ever since then I have not been myself.

We still speak on a friendly level but most times He gets an outburst and becomes very verbally aggressive with me.

He says he still loves me and no doubt I love him no less than before. But he has made a decision and broke off our relationship.
I can’t do but accept his decision.

But Ever since then, I have been totally depressed and isolated from other men. Whenever a male brings relationship conversations to me I tend to become aggressive and very turned off.
I am not ashamed to say I have somewhat lost my sexual urges for other men.

I have been through a few relationships over the years that didn’t turn out well. But when I became involved with my boyfriend there was just something different, something that made me click.

There was just something about him that made me feel safe, loved, free-spirited.  Yes, I genuinely and sincerely loved him and probably always will.
But despite all the good feelings, I have experienced with him and then now our breaking up.

It has left me with an unbearable depression and emotional challenge that I have been trying to fight secretly and privately on my own.

Besides me putting my story here, he’s the only one aware of the situation has I have been keeping to myself and have become unattached from my surroundings.
The only time I feel a sense of relief is when he and I speak whether it’s on our breaking up or just normal conversations which we do have a lot.
I don’t normally put my personal life in public and I know it’s a situation I have to overcome on my own, but I just felt it was a way of venting off a bit of my depression.

Melissa. Kingston.

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