Confession: Cheated on My BF with a Married Couple

Confession: Cheated on My BF My boyfriend and I have been together for five years, our sexual relationship is amazing, and we love each other very much. Last year, a close friend of mine invited us to her husband’s birthday party. My boyfriend had to work so I ended up going alone.

I was aware that my friend and her husband have an open relationship and have previously brought other women and men into their bedroom. I had no intention of engaging in sexual activity with them, and they neither pressured me nor made any kind of suggestion.

That night after the party was over and everyone left, they started making love in the living room while I was on the other couch.  I had a lot to drink and was trying to get some rest but considering what I was hearing and seeing, it wasn’t possible.

My friend left her husband and came over to where I was and kissed me. I did kiss her back but for a few seconds. I told her I don’t think I can do it and she just went back to her husband and continued what they were doing. But after that kiss, I was powerless to resist… I desired more. I can’t explain it, and I’m sure I could try to blame drugs and booze, but the truth is that I was solely responsible, when I decided to join them.

That night, the three of us had a great time. It only happened once and I have decided that I will never cheat on my boyfriend again. They know and respect my decision. I have visited them on multiple occasions, sometimes with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend doesn’t know what happened that night, and I will never tell him. I love him with all my heart, and I know that if he found out I was unfaithful, he would be extremely devastated.

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