Confession: Caught up Between Four Lovers

CONFESSION– I’m a young business owner fighting to keep things on the right flow. But I have an addiction to these ladies.  I find myself caught up between four women and without doubt, I love all four but I find myself having a little more feelings for one.
She’s more caring and understanding and pretty much likes the same things I do. We share a lot in common.She is also aware of me being involved with others but doesn’t make it a big deal, all she asked is that I show her respect, which I do. I would call her #1.
Now # 2,3, and 4 are starting to get jealous and thinks I’m not spending much time with them like I used to.  I see #3 almost every day and yes I have a love for her but I don’t get that sexual arose from her as I get from #1 by just interacting with her on the phone.As for # 2 and 4, yes sex is good whenever we do, but whenever I can’t give them money their whole atmosphere and attitude changes. but #1 rocks my world. She is just different, money or no money she is just calm, romantic, caring, spontaneous, smart and intelligent.
I’m starting to think I should drop two of them but haven’t decided which two.Brown Man Westmoreland.

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