Confession: A Stripper’s Nightmare

In 2015, I began working as a stripper at a popular strip club in Miami.  I have strong Caribbean in my bloodline so I must say I possessed the body and skills to be good at my job.
To be a stripper is not only about going on a stage and dancing; one has to be able to grab and hold the customer’s attention.   This being said, you have to be confident and energized on that stage.  Most persons would say go up there and think about a great experience you had, but what about the persons whose lives have been nothing but turmoil, what good can be thought about?  That was my case, I ran away from an extremely abusive and powerful man in New Orleans and ended up in Miami trying to start over.
My first week’s performance was very shabby, I was so fearful of being caught, Intimidated by the professional strippers and stage frightened.  This other stripper told me about a pill I could take to calm me and I gladly accepted it.  That pill really worked magic and I was showing out in the club.  I was becoming quite popular and was making lots of money.  Those pills were like my daily vitamin, but the high I got from them was wearing off so I wanted something more.  I started using marijuana laced with cocaine and that sent me above the roof as I was now an expert at my job.
Four of us got a job for a strip show at a private masquerade party. That job was going to pay me what I would earn for the week so I was excited.  When we reached the venue we were escorted to a room where got dressed for the show.  When I went out and saw the high caliber of people there, my nerves took over and I instantly went back and took my ‘vitamin’ only this time I used the cocaine straight because I didn’t want to have the marijuana scent on me.
We started our performance and I was doing well until I started feeling extra high.  I tried my best to finish my set, then went in the room to sleep it off.  A bottle of water was left there, normally I wouldn’t drink it, but I was just so thirsty that I drank it all down.  It seems the water was drugged because I got extra oozy.  I was so weak and high at the same time, but I felt multiple hands massaging my body.  I thought it was the cocaine high, but I felt my hands and feet getting tired.  I was so intoxicated from the drug that I couldn’t do nothing but relax.  When I opened my eyes there was a small audience in the room and they were basically engaged in an orgy.  They took turns performing oral sex on me, but I wasn’t penetrated.  I was in and out of sleep, but I could faintly hear their laughing and chattering.  I felt warm liquid on my face, but I could not touch because of being tied up.  I just heard constant cheering and laughing.
When I finally woke up I looked around and the other girls were still sleeping but we were alone.  I was no longer tied up and everything and everybody had disappeared.  The only evidence left of the night before was our naked bodies and disheveled appearances.  I looked in the mirror and saw remnants of ejaculations on my face.  I woke the other girls and by talking we realized that we were all drugged.  We could not even report it because we didn’t know who to say and we were in fear of losing out lives.  I went to the doctor and confirmed I was not penetrated but got tested nonetheless.  My tests came back negative.
That experienced instantly; I never returned to the strip club instead I went and got counseling.   I relocated to Pittsburg, where I used the money I had saved up to pay for college.   I am now working as an Accountant.  I changed my life as I know it was God who gave me another chance.  I could have been raped, killed, infected or kidnapped, but I am alive today to tell my story.
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