Confession: ‘A Pastor Took My Virginity’

Confession: ‘A Pastor Took My Virginity – When I was 7 years old, my family used to go a revival church in a certain community.  I was a little on the round side and started shaping out from that little age.  My seat in the church was always at the front where my mother could watch me.

Pastor D (not his real name) and his wife were very close with my family; they would come over to our home regularly.   Pastor D said I was his God-daughter and would buy me little gifts.  My family would always boast about Pastor D’s relationship with their daughter.

At age 12, I bloomed fully; I had a very big bottom and perky breasts.  I was in first form at high school. Pastor D got closer to me and would invite me over to his home for bible study and school work.  He would cook meals for me and bless me with money.  Most times when he said he helped me with school work, they were wrong because he didn’t know what he was doing but my mom would say any help is help.

At age 18, Pastor D started encouraging me to learn to wine my body because of our church.  He would show me some moves and I got good at it.  One evening, he told me to wine on him like he taught me; he said that was the test.  I wanted to look good in pastor eyes so I put down a piece of wine on him.  Next thing I felt was something stiff behind me; when I looked, it was Pastor D thing.  I asked him what he was doing and he said it was for us to bond.  I really had a crush him so I allowed him to have his way with me and he took my virginity.  Pastor D wouldn’t stop jumping up and down in me, then claimed me as his young meat.  It hurt like hell but I bore it like a champ because I didn’t want to look soft.

We started having more encounters and I got pregnant.  He brought me to abort it then didn’t speak with me after.  He would be in church Saturday after Saturday like he was holy but he was a devil.  I told my parents and they cursed me out for pushing up on the married pastor.  He told his wife that I was trying to come on to him so I could not go back to their house. I went through a period of stress and had to relocate.  I got over the situation but I am afraid of people who say they are pastors.

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