Confession: ‘4 Men To My Thing’

Confession: ‘4 Men To My Thing’ –  I know people are going to judge me wrongfully but that’s fine.  I am 35 years old and I have 4 men currently.   All of these men have different purposes in my life.

Man 1 is the love of my life but he is not up to scratch financially.  He is my husband and we have been married for 8 years.  He doesn’t know he is getting bun and thinks I am a saint.  We have a beautiful daughter so I have to ‘work’ extra for us to live comfortably.

Man 2 is my old sugar daddy.  He is 78 years old and he is also my formal boss.  He is very much impotent so all he requires is for me to dress sexy and massage his body.  His family have me as the perfect Office Manager but I am also Assistant Manager for his pockets.

Man 3 is my long distance stulla.  He is quite young at 24 years old.  He doesn’t have money to give me but he can work good.  He does things to my body that the others cannot do.  Whenever we meet up, I pay for the accommodation from the money I receive from the sugar daddy.  I have feelings for him but no where near love.  He knows I am married and plays his role very well.

Man 4 is my husband’s best friend and my part-time lover.  He is the one who would be a competition for my husband.  I have deep feelings for this one and he is my daughter’s Godfather.  He is always around out home with his family so it doesn’t seem suspect when we are alone.  He takes care of us financially and plays his cards extremely well.  He is very jealous over me and sometimes quarrel when I am too close with my husband around him.  I think he is crazy as he has been trying to get me pregnant but I take my birth controls rigorously.  I may have to break it off with him because his jealousy is becoming overwhelming.


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