CONFESSION–  I know lots of people going to talk bad because am 17 years old, but before you start talking bad come up front and speak aloud your dark secrets.

I discovered I was a going to become a freak and sex addict from I was 14 years old and use to peep under my parent’s bedroom door bottom and watch them having sex.

I would also sometimes peep on my cousins bathing and touch my vagina. One day my cousin caught me peeping under the door on my parents and because I didn’t want him to talk, I told him to let me do Oral sex.

From there I started getting my practices on my cousins. I am now 17 years old and a super freak and sex addict. I have 5 boyfriends and every day I have sex and even threesome with two of them and a girl I like.

I love sex and I love having oral sex with both men and women I am addicted and can’t seem to get enough. I see everyone wants to be doctors and lawyers and police and teachers but I want to be my own person, I love sex so much I want to be a porn star.

CandyLips.  St James.


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