Commuters Under Severe Pressure

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Jamaica News (Ferris, Westmoreland) – Saying traveling between Ferris and Savanna-la-Mar has been a great challenge Is an understatement.

This has been the daily experience of countless commuters, since the Paradise Bridge between SweetRiver and Paradise, Westmoreland (Main road from Kingston to Negril) was deemed unsafe. The road closure notice was first issued via the print media and NWA on October 2nd, 2018.

Following that, the road was officially closed to vehicular traffic at the start of November.

Of the two detoured routes offered, one is partially blocked with fallen trees and debris used by demonstrators and other unscrupulous persons. Not surprisingly, it was also declared unsafe by the relevant authorities.

The other is almost four to five times the distance, thus considered unfeasible. This leaves commuters to use the unsafe and unfeasible routes or be forced to use the ‘closed road’ leading to the dangerous bridge.

With all routes having serious implications, driving on the ‘closed road’ has been the preferred choice of most commuters.

Many are now questioning, whether or not these are the same challenges faced by the elected representatives and members of the relevant authorities, such as NWA?

How many persons would believe that, all the above-mentioned are happening? How could a situation of grave concern, be treated with such scant regard by the relevant authorities? Doesn’t the lives of these commuters matter?

Also of concern, how could the many affected citizens complained, but do very little or nothing else to address the situation?

How much longer is this situation expected to continue unattended before the unwanted effects grow out of proportion and control?

At best the relevant authorities need to repair or replace the dangerous bridge at the earliest.

However, knowing that the process will take some more time, they would be well advised to install a temporary bridge and ease the pressure off commuters, in the interim.


Contributed by K. Wedderburn

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