Community News, Today we Spotlight Catherine Hall Primary School

In Community News, Today we spotlight Catherine Hall Primary School, Located in Westgreen, St James.

St James has been highlighted as a crime-infested Parish in the last few years. However, the Track and Field Team at Catherine Hall Primary School where the athletes live in most of the volatile areas Granville, Norwood, Glendevon, and Lilliput, have been making strides in sports and academics.

The adage `all good things ends“,  holds true for Catherine Hall Primary School, as within a few weeks, GSAT Results will be released and some members of the Track Team will be moving on to new schools.

Coach Odane Cunningham, who has been with the team for three years expressed sadness as he will miss them but is elated at their achievements during his tenure. Coach Cunningham said it is not easy working with athletes/students of diverse background bringing them to one fold. He praised them for their determined efforts, but is confident that those remaining will continue carrying the baton alongside new members, however, he particularly lauded few members of the C.H.P.S Relay team.

Aiden Samuels: Awarded several Silver and Gold medals, super runner and supportive teammate. Coach Cunningham wished him well on his new path.

Coby Watson: Superboy!! awarded over 36 medals Gold, Silver and Bronze, he will continue carrying the baton as he is in grade 4.

D’ jonea Chambers: Supergirl!! awarded several medals, 11 Golds, 7 Silvers, 4 Bronze, 1 First place Trophy, C.H.P.S., overall achievement academic plaque 2013.


Young Chambers is expected to cop the Champion girl award in a few weeks, several coaches are already expressing and pressing on to have this lightning-fast athlete in their school, who knows maybe she will get her chance to attend the school of her choice Mt Alvernia. (Her mom’s Alma mater).

Coach Cunningham declared Chambers ·”The Track Star of the year“, Cunningham expressed that, parents are to choose the schools of their children’s choice as this will promote more involvement in sports and academics. He is also calling on corporate entities to support the school. Several attempts at calls to the principal’s office to get his comment were unsuccessful.

Members of the Girls’ Relay team are, Brandy Lewis, Anecia Alexander, Sara Alcindor and Tiana Whitmore (daughter of Theodore “Tappa” Whitmore)

Members of the Boys Relay Team are, Coby Watson, Aiden Samuels, Romain Clarke and Gordon Reid

Mckoy’s News community spotlight endorses and congratulates all achievers.


Jackie Chan

Reporting for Mckoy’s News

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