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Comedyfest was Entertaining

Montego Bay, Jamaica( McKoy’s News) –  Comedyfest was Entertaining: The annual staging of the Comedyfest, held at the Wexford Hotel, was so entertaining that the patrons cannot wait to see part two; courtesy of Rommon Enterprise.

The event saw Mikey Jerry making his debut with a few jokes. He was followed by Dj Mycowave who gave some conscious lyrics with his Dee Jaying style, which went well with the audience.

Comedian in action at Comedy Fest

The special guest comedians Lemon, Johnny Daley and Leighton Smith all gave good performances. These three could be described as the big wigs of Comedy in Jamaica. Allan Ranks, who was given the task to perform MC duties, also did well.

Comedian in action at Comedy Fest

The audience could be seen smiling long after the show. The promoters will be hosting Ken Boothe’s performance at the Island Smokehouse on Sunday, September 3, 2017.



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