COJ Urges Jamaicans to Use eBRF Kiosk to Register Their Business

Jamaica News: The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) is encouraging persons to use the Electronic Business Registration Form (eBRF) kiosk, located at its New Kingston offices, to register their business or company.

Public Relations Officer at the COJ, Kawain Fearon, told JIS News that the kiosk, which was installed in April, is designed to include persons without internet access or a computer.

He stated that persons have been using the kiosk, noting that it helps to reduce the waiting time at COJ’s offices.

It has been beneficial to them because when they come to our office they don’t have to join the line. It allows them to just go to the kiosk, create an account and register their business. So it is about avoiding the line, avoiding the wait time and just proceeding straight to doing the registration,” he said.

The Public Relations Officer further informed that COJ employees have been guiding customers, in completing the registration form correctly.

The COJ will also be placing kiosks at the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) offices located in Constant Spring, Spanish Town and Montego Bay and at the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) office in Montego Bay.

Mr. Fearon explained that the installation of the kiosks at various locations will assist in easing the space constraint at COJ.

“What we are trying to do with the kiosk is to have persons go to other locations to register their businesses. Everybody doesn’t have to come to the Companies Office of Jamaica to register their business or their company,” he stated.

“So if persons can go online at their own convenience or go to another location, such as the TAJ offices and the JBDC office then it will alleviate some of the strain on the Companies Office of Jamaica offices,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fearon said persons can also register their business or company online via the COJ’s website,, from any location globally.

Once they are registered they can also choose for the document to [be] couriered to them so they don’t have to come into our offices. They can choose a pick-up location, whether it’s our Kingston office or the Montego Bay office or they can have the document couriered to wherever in the world they are,” he added.


Source: JIS News

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