COJ To Review Business Processes

Jamaica News: The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) will be conducting a business process re-engineering (BPR) exercise aimed at improving service delivery to clients.

Chief Executive Officer of the agency, Judith Ramlogan, who made the disclosure at a recent JIS Think Tank, said that the exercise, to be undertaken in the next financial year, will be spearheaded by the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Division in the Office of the Cabinet with funding support from the World Bank.

She noted that the BPR was recommended some three years ago following a strategic review of the entity.

“We really have to look at our processes and to see if they’re still fit for purpose. We want to become more efficient, so with the help of the public sector transformation project we will be conducting a business process re-engineering exercise,” she said.

Mrs. Ramlogan told JIS News that the plan is to reorganise the COJ’s Customer Service and Business Registration units, which are responsible for the preliminary and detailed examination of documents.

“This business process re-engineering is really to collapse two examinations into one. So once your document is accepted by us, you know that you are going to get a call to say that your document has been registered,” she explained.

She said that customers often raise concern when they submit documents and are told four days later that they were rejected.

“It’s either it’s accepted or it’s not accepted. As it stands now it could be accepted and then rejected later and the customers are very frustrated by that…so we are working to eliminate the two examination processes,” she added.

Principal Director, Modernisation Programme Implementation, Office of the Cabinet, Wayne Robertson, said that the COJ’s BPR exercise is in keeping with the focus on improving service delivery under the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation  Programme (PSTMP).

“We have actually coined the term ‘service excellence’ because that’s the culture we want to see espoused in public sector workers’ he said.

He said that service delivery is infused in every programme and project being developed and implemented by the PSTMP.

“So, the public sector is expected to deliver services whether those clients are in Jamaica, Toronto, Canada or Dubai. We have to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of service to all clients,” he said.



Source: JIS News

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