Cocaine seizure in Old Harbour, St. Catherine

November 18, 2023 – The Narcotics Detectives supported by the St. Catherine South Police
carried out an anti-narcotics operation and arrested and charged , 36-year-old Andrew Walcott,
electrician, of Clarks Town, Manchester at West Street Cottage Complex, Old Harbour, in St.
Catherine on Friday, November 17.
Reports are that a Nissan Titan motor car was intercepted during the operation and two
rectangular parcels containing cocaine found and cash valuing $10,000JMD was also found. The
vehicle, cash and the drugs were seized and the driver taken into custody. The driver of the
vehicle was subsequently charged.
Walcott has been charged with; Possession of Cocaine, Dealing in Cocaine, Trafficking Cocaine
and Possession of Criminal Property.
The weight of the drugs is approximately 2 kilograms. The drug has a street value of $68,000
His court date is being finalized.

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