Cleva Criss and Clearance Team Up

Jamaica Entertainment News: One of the newest combinations of entertainers in the parish of Trelawny is Cleva Criss and Clearance, Hailing from the Duncan’s Community of Trelawny, the two have teamed up to release a song called ‘High’, on the Clea Mix Record label, owned by Cleva Criss.

A follow-up video is expected to be launched in few weeks. The video shoot captures several locations in the parish and they are confident that they will be renowned in Jamaica and the wider world. They are now enjoying some amount of success in dancehall with the song.

‘Whenever it is played, it is a big forward from the audience and the selectors. This makes us so proud of the step our career is taking and we will not fail the people of Trelawny,’ said Cleva Criss.

Criss is also a record producer who entered the production business a few years ago. He has recorded with Rain Seville, Charley Blacks and Image, all on his “Cleva Remix Recordz” label.

Despite loving the DJ business, Cleva Criss said it would be a big bonus for him if one day he produces a hit song. He is willing to work with any talented and upcoming entertainers as long as they are mannerable and willing to also help themselves.


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