‘Clear Your Mind’ With Busy Signal’s New Video: Watch

Jamaica’s beloved Hot Head is back with a new track that speaks to the ladies. Clear Your Mind, released on July 27, is a song that evokes an “irie” feeling of happiness and contentment with one’s companion.

The music video begins by catching the female star in the middle of a cell phone conversation with a female friend. She expresses her frustration with the words “Mi jus done wid man. Like, mi cyaa do this no more.”

She explains that her partner cheated on her with her best friend. “Mi need fi go a waa spa and relax.” She then ends the conversation.

In a twist of fate, on her way to the spa, she bumps into none other than Busy Signal. They hit it off right away, exchange contacts, and go on their way. The song then starts with Busy’s signature “Gyal!” and dives into the first verse with

Live yuh life gyal yuh only have one alone
Nuff man hurt yuh before, trust God alone
Don’t mek dem stress yuh out pop dung sad alone
Single yuh stand alone

The couple can be seen throughout the video, constantly communicating by video chat as the lady continues her routine activities such as cooking and working out. There seems to be great chemistry between the two as they look genuinely happy getting to know each other.

The two finally meet up for an in-person home date. They sip champagne as the chemistry continues to react positively. The pair spend the time enjoying each other’s company in relaxation as per the chorus of the song.

I just wanna chill wid yuh, chill wid yuh
Relax and bill wid yuh, bill wid yuh
If you wanna clear your mind a-way-ay-ay
I just wanna roll wid yuh, roll wid yuh
Tek yuh bowling, probly bowl wid yuh
I just wanna chill with you aww
Tonight or today

Check out this song for yourself and see why fans from all over the globe are giving it great reviews.


Source: Dancehallmag

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