Cleaning Began at Pathway International Church

The National Solid Waste Management Authority began cleaning the Pathway International Church in St James on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

This was supervised by the Ministry of Health and the St James Municipal Corporation, along with the St James Police.

Several food items were seen scattered all over the church compound, inside and outside. There was also bloodstained clothing that was left inside the church from October 17 from the scene of the crime.

Since the murder took place on October 17, 2021, the building has been ransacked and set on and a foul odor has been emanating from the building.

This clean-up comes after the crime that took place at the Pathway International Church where three people were killed.  One of the persons who died was shot dead by the police after he allegedly attacked a police officer who went to the premises to investigate, after getting complaints of what was taking place at the church. The other two persons died as a result of the pastor, Kevin Smith’s instruction. He was to be tried for these two murders and the injury of many other congregants but died in a motor vehicle accident in St Catherine last Monday.

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