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Clash Of Titans: Vybz Kartel Calls For Lyrical Showdown With Eminem


Vybz Kartel’s flow in his latest release Sociopath is so quick that the Worl’ Boss believes he’s ready to take on one of the greatest legends in the rap game.  The dancehall artiste wants to take on a man who is noted for having lighting fast rhymes and is considered one of the fastest rappers of all times, Eminem.

Kartel, who has broken a promise to stay off Instagram until 2021, issued a challenge to the 8 Mile American rapper on the social media platform today. In the post, which he tags several entertainers, radio stations and producers, he wrote in the caption, “@eminem weh u say big man, lyrical showdown?”

The post also includes a short video clip with the first verse of Sociopath playing in the background. Kartel is always looking for ways to make his music more global and this is another of his attempts to get his music out there.

The Worl’ Boss may be feeling emboldened by the recent No Signal 10v10 soundclash that had him squared off against Nigerian legend WizKid.  The novel format reportedly reached over 600,000 people on No Signal’s website and another 500,000 on YouTube.

Even though Kartel eventually lost to his opponent Wizkid there’s no doubt that his music reached thousands of new listeners and it seems he wants to build off of that momentum. In typical Kartel style, he’s gone for one of the biggest rappers in the industry.

Both personalities are not known for running away from a challenge but there’s been no response from Eminem’s camp. If they do respond it will surely be an interesting and exciting clash.

In 2011, a Jamaican producer Supa Dups, released a W.T.P (White Trash Party) remix that featured Slim Shady and De Teacha. The original track appeared on Eminem’s Recovery album. The unofficial release featured colorful word play between the two renowned lyricists.

Kartel’s post has already gotten over 54,000 views and his fans, as is expected from the Gaza camp, are fired up about the idea.

“Would be amazing to see but we all know whose better lyrically! ,” one fan said, another fan threw all their support behind Kartel: “Dat would an be the showdown of the century. Papa doc and di free world did too soft fi him inna 8 mile. Him get him match yah now.”

This fan said there was really no competition: “Me vote world boss cause a the world best them better accept ,” and this fan added: “Kartel yuh nuh normal eno yute #worldboss #gaza @vybzkartel.”

If this clash ever happens Vybz Kartel will be fighting an uphill battle as Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest rap song for his 2020 track Godzila featuring Juice WRLD. That track has a lightning speed of 229 words in 30 seconds or around 7.6 words-per-second.


Source: Dancehallmag

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