Clarendon Rat Infestation

Clarendon Rat Infestation

Clarendon, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Clarendon Rat Infestation: Reports of two suspected cases of leptospirosis-related deaths in Clarendon, has encouraged calls for the government to urgently put measures in place to tackle rat infestation in sections of the parish.

Noel Arscott, Member of Parliament for Clarendon South Western, has cited poor garbage collection as the cause of the infestation.

In a statement on Sunday night, Mr. Arscott said based on reports received, the garbage pile-up in the parish is at the point of a public health emergency.

He is calling for an immediate and thorough audit of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

He wants the audit to determine whether the collection of garbage is being done on a partisan basis.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals.

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