Clarendon Police Seeking Assistance to Identify Alleged Couple Found Murdered on Thursday   

Jamaica Crime News, Clarendon: The police in the parish of St Catherine say they are now asking members of the public for their assistance, to identify an alleged couple who were both discovered shot to death at a house in the May Pen area on Thursday night.

The investigators say they are still unable to confirm if the murdered victims were actually living together as a common-law couple.

Reports by the May Pen police are that shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, residents living at a section of May Pen in Clarendon known as Canon Heights, alerted the police after hearing gunshots coming from the directions of a house.

The lawmen rushed to the location and upon arrival, they entered the house and discovered the woman and the man shot to death.

The female was seen in the nude while sitting in a couch while the male was lying on the floor of the room in a pool of blood clad only in his under pants.

The police say they were given conflicting stories by residents in the area about the relationship that the two deceased shared.

The scene was processed and both victims were transported to hospital where they were pronounced dead.


By Henry Bucknor


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