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Claremont Citizens In Hanover Get Water For The First Time In 48 years


After 48 years, the community of Claremont and surrounding areas in Hanover finally have access to potable water.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness shared the news earlier today on social media.

In a series of tweets, Holness said that the government will work to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water for all communities across Jamaica.

“I commend the hard work of the Member of Parliament (Hanover Eastern) Dave Brown who has been providing excellent representation to the entire constituency,” the prime minister said.

The $400 million water supply system was commissioned into service on Saturday, August 8.

The water supply system includes a relift station from which water is pumped into a 100,000-gallon bolted steel tank and is gravity fed to the areas spanning the communities of Claremont and Jericho, and serving some 8,000 residents.

Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation
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