Cigarette-Smoking Child’s Mother Is In Police Custody

Jamaica News: The Old Harbour Police in St Catherine say the mother of the child seen smoking a cigarette and drinking what appeared to be alcohol in an Instagram video, is in custody.

The video came to national attention after the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) has issued a notice in the media seeking the public’s assistance with locating the child.

The video was brought to the attention of the CPFSA and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) last  weekend.

However, according to the police, after the location where the video was shot was also identified they carried out three operations, but the little boy’s mother was apprehended at 10 o’ clock Thursday morning. The child is in state care.

In the video, which was captioned, “Happy birthday #MINT #BALL. BAD from him young eno!”  the child, who is sporting a pair of blue shorts, pink slippers, with his hair in an afro and covered in white powder, is encouraged by a man in the background to take several puffs from a cigarette.

An adult also hands him a Smirnoff Ice bottle and he is told to drink as the other adults laugh and egg him on.  A slew of profanities are heard as the child coughs after taking a puff of the cigarette.

The police have now issued a warning for the parents to report to the Old Harbour Police station or their names will be revealed and listed as “persons of interest”, as they have detected several breaches of the Child Care and Protection Act.
There have been many suggestions from the public about how the police should deal with the parents and the other adults involved.  Some persons who read the story in the Jamaica Observer newspaper, have said the parents should be arrested and the child taken away.

“They should seriously throw assault charges in it too for you tell me if that is not medically harmful to a little child. There is bound to be injuries to this child. He is being assaulted by smoking this cigarette or whatever else he is smoking,” Yadda said.

“I hope the authorities find this mentally deranged idiot who gave the child the cigarette and bring the full weight of the law down on him,” BalMarak said.

Another commenter, Oh Lord, said the child was being groomed for criminality by the adults around him.

“Today they encourage him to puff a cigarette and drink liquor; tomorrow they play Russian roulette while ‘chuckin’ badness.   At that rate, he will be one of Jamaica’s most wanted in the blink of an eye!   Then the society cries ‘where did we go wrong’, ‘how did we fail him’!   Welcome back to the Land of Nod,” he lamented.

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