Chronixx Rips Some Artistes For Substanceless Music

Reggae singer Chronixx on Sunday, May 31, lauded artistes who have ignored the desire for superstardom and have instead opted to create impactful music. However, he had harsh words for those in the business who have made popular music devoid of substance.

According to Chronixx, it is meaningful songs that matter in times like these, as he seemingly reflected on the social and civil unrest sweeping across the United States over the death of George Floyd, though not referring to it by name.

“Big respect to all the artists who have sacrificed having a favorable position in the music industry in order to remain in the position to affect humanity positively with their art. You are the reason why they are songs that really matter right now. You are the reason why some African people and a lot of human beings, in general, have a means of awakening,” said Chronixx on an Instagram post today.

“You are the reason why some African people and a lot of human beings, in general, have a means of awakening. You are the reason why youths can see that their lives are divine and that they deserve to live and not die. You are the reason why the whole world is not in darkness right now,” added Chronixx.

However, he said for the artistes whose music did not transform minds, they have made things complicated.

“To every other artist who can’t post/recite/share a work from your life of work that can transform minds and awaken….your music has only made everything more complicated,” said Chronixx.

“Still, I pray that the almighty jah guide and protect all of humanity,” he added.

Chronixx not only gave fans a whole lot to think about as it relates to the importance of music, but he also shared some insights about his track Black is Beautiful and its remix, which featured Zambian rapper Sampa The Great.

According to the always conscious artiste, the track was a letter to Africans in America.

“I never really liked the word ‘black’ to describe who I am because I don’t think that’s the way my fathers thought of themselves in ancient times….still I knew that’s what I needed to say to address it to the right people,” the Dela Move singer said.

“In deep thought and self searching I found endless beauty in what the lyrics meant and completed writing the lyrics for the original version in my journal. From my album this was one of 2 or 3 songs written on paper,” he said of Black Is Beautiful.

The original song appeared on Chronixx’s debut studio album Chronology, which was released in July 2017.  Listen to the Sampa The Great remix below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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