Chronixx Is Not Joining The COVID-19 ‘Circus’

Here comes trouble!  Reggae sensation and the most high, Chronixx has something he wants to say and he did just that on Instagram yesterday.  The contentious and wordy post delved right into his conflicting assessment of the way he believes the media, celebs and authorities have influenced the society as it relates to the state of the COVID-19 crisis.

He for one is ‘not buying into the COVID-19 bullsh*t’, as he puts it. Chronixx staying true to his Rastafarian beliefs, pooled with his rich insight that we’ve all come to know through his powerful and highly inspirational music, sounds resolute that the novel coronavirus is nothing more than a distraction and an attempt to control humanity.

“Nature is i protection and strong refuge,” Chronixx says.  “These tech heads and war heads can’t talk to rastaman about human health. Never! And they can’t destroy all of humanity. They can destroy some, but not all”.

The Grammy-nominated singer says he will not be joining the “circus” of entertainment celebrities and musicians who have turned to social media to livestream their music and reach fans since the outbreak caused mass cancellations of festivals, tours and concerts.  Bored and eager fans in lockdown have welcomed the torrent of online concerts, lives, quarantine parties and sound clashes and more.  “Most these famous people online using the internet like its a play thing. We are in the advent of the greatest crimes against humanity and people out here trying to keep themselves entertained. Im not surprised and I’m not here for the circus. Health time now! Land time now. Earth time.,” he said.

Alicia Keys, who most recently collaborated with Chronixx and Protoje for a remix of Underdog, yesterday hosted an intimate show, directly from her home for Verizon’s Pay It Forward Live concert series.

Chronixx continued in the now deleted Instagram post: “I’m only going online for a concert if it’s an action against global vaccination. F*ck everything else”.

The words of the Warrior singer, whose real name is Jamar Rolando McNaughton, do come off somewhat as a wake up call to everyone to stop the joking around and partying. It really is shameful to see celebrities keeping up with appearances online and others, the unaffected, amping up their entertainment while many suffer during this crisis.

Indeed, these are uncertain times and we have embarked on a phenomenal crisis which many are fearful could have grave long-term impact on civilization. Interestingly, it seems Chronixx has formed the opinion that the coronavirus didn’t just come about like the ordinary flu or common cold.

Many anti-vaxxers like Chronixx believe the COVID-19 pandemic was an intentional and vicious exploit by the ‘tech heads and warheads’ (Microsoft Founder Bill Gates fits the bill here) to create panic among civilians, ultimately manipulating them to find solace in a vaccine. A vaccine they intend to use to control and possibly depopulate the world’s population.

However contrary to that belief, the coronavirus has been around for decades and likely circulated in humans for centuries. The most recent strains of the virus (these include SARS-CoV (SARS), MERS-CoV (MERS) and SARS-Cov-2) have infected thousands of individuals. In a 2003 SARS outbreak, a record of over 8,000 cases were filed, 774 of these cases were fatal. Since September 2012, the MERS strain tallied 2,494 confirmed cases and 858 fatalities.

Also, several comparative genomic studies have confirmed that the virus is far from man-made, having naturally occurring strains of alpha- and beta-coronaviruses found in a wide range of animal hosts, e.g. those documented in bats or pangolins. Key coronavirus genome features spike protein characteristics that not only help the virus to latch on to, and blast into, animal cells but appears to be particularly adept in interacting with human cell surface proteins as well.

These findings and facts are enough to extinguish conspiracy claims questioning origin and downplaying the risks of the COVID -19, which in fact is a true threat to society. There needs to be less time spent on criticizing the efforts to control the spread of the virus and more focus on a curable vaccine. Not everyone would be so lucky to use nature as their protection and strong refuge.


Source: Dancehallmag

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