Chronixx Drops New Single ‘Same Prayer’ Featuring Kabaka Pyramid: Listen

Reggae luminary Chronixx has a new track entitled Same Prayer featuring Kabaka Pyramid that debuted today.

ChronDadda teased the upcoming release on his Instagram page over the weekend, saying “Something new next week  ” with an accompanying music video clip of himself singing a segment of the track in what appears to be the vicinity of the Blue Mountains, Jamaica.

Today he posted an insightful description of the new track.

“Same Prayer is, in part, a prayer for the younger generation to reflect on internally. It’s also a reminder that there is a greater power directing things in the physical space. Instead of looking for solutions in our material lives, we can both reach out to this higher power and also look deep within ourselves.”

The single is a rich instrumental symphony with the Dela Move singer thanking Jah for his many fortunes. Like a prayer he sings, “Jah gave me all the strength I need to make it through this world I was born in … Jah thank you for your love and kindness, for every drop of air I breath and for waking me up this morning.”

The ‘Same Prayer’ is said over and over again with the enhancements of a celebration of Jah. He goes on …“trodding in these streets today” praying for preservation of blessings: guidance, knowledge, unconditional love and for Jah to never leave him.

Kabaka Pyramid comes in halfway through the track with his prayer. He asks Jah to watch over him and to “protect mi family when I nuh localize.” As he trods through the streets with ChronDadda, he asks Jah to keep him focus in the battlefield. Check out the rest of the audio for Same Prayer below –

Chronixx is expected to drop his sophomore album Dela Splash later this year, when asked to describe the new compilation of songs, the singer in an interview with Vanity Fair said, “The main word I would use is dark … it’s so much darker than anything else I’ve ever done.”

However unfinished, he also disclosed that he was looking forward to some fresh collaboration this time around unlike his debut album Chronology in 2017, that only featured his father Chronicle. With that said, there is no telling whether Same Prayer will be featured in the upcoming album release.

Listen to Same Prayer here.


Source: Dancehallmag

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