Chronic Law Tells Jahmiel To ‘Talk Facts’ In Latest Diss Track

Round 3 of the Chronic Law vs Jahmiel lyrical battle, saw the Great Man defending his relevance with Chip Glock, and now today (April 21), the Law Boss has answered with Talk Facts.

In a less lyrical gun blazing tone, staying true to his solider-like militance, Jahmiel maintained his address to his rival with wicked killer instincts and pot shots – “Ackeme Campbell yuh f**king life yuh go gamble … da duppy maker yuh a go be mi next example, trample face under mi ankle, eagle mout dat a triangle, buss di head kill di egg, Humpty Dumpty scramble” Going straight for the kill, the Chip Glock singer, Jahmiel did not hesitate to talk out the Law Boss’ so called business.

In perhaps a case of “sticks and stones may beak my bones, but words can’t hurt me”, Chronic Law in record time has tailored his response in Talk Facts to what fans are calling, ‘Jahmiel’s ‘mix-up-met’ Chip Glock song.

The Chronic intros by disclaiming the rape allegation, skillfully turning it back on his opponent. Not long after he opens his lyrical thrashing by claiming the last two rounds as his wins – “Double murder quadruple murder, dem a look fi a KFC but mi buck di ras a burger”.

Still without calling name, Chronic makes it unequivocally clear that his opponent is a plagiaristic preschooler, who’s nursery rhymes still remain in rehearsal. In what is probably the most lyrically potent offerings from the Law Boss in this beef to date, he surgically rips into Jahmiel and the MVP (Alkaline and Mavado), whilst defending his friend Bashy and his own gun wielding history.

In the chorus, the Talk Facts artiste empties a fully loaded AK47 “with a paint pan a shots” on Jahmiel. Here, Law reveals his doctorial diagnosis as to why Jahmiel has not spoken the facts.

First, it must have been a malfunction of a brain implant that has resulted in Jahmiel’s pissed locks. It is also the very reason why he thinks he has killed someone, when he really has never held a Glock. The lyrical surgeon continues, justifying the suggested preschooler’s behavior, by concluding, no wonder he grudgingly watches the real murderer.

He unleashes into the MVP makeup by charging that the nursery rhymer is indulging in unsavory activities in order to gain the world whilst abroad. ‘Ras without ambition’, pot shot or low blow, either way Chronic Law again wonders why the Ras thinks he can be both a Zionist and a murderer.

The Hillside deejay continues with his lyrical tirade against the MVP, asserting that “the fake ras dem” (Jahmiel and Mavado) are in fact not fathers at all, “dem a mind jacket”, and “da tall weird nigga (Alkaline) deh caan breed nobody”, whispering that he had slept with Patrick.

He unveils more hot lyrical digs at Jahmiel in the second verse, picking apart most of the salient points brought up in Chip Glock, and the fact that he is a talker not a killer.

Praising his hot like fire similes, whilst highlighting the sluggishness of his adversary, he advises the nursery-rhymer to be as brave when they end up meeting (on the road).

The fate of this battle is in the hands of these proven lyrical geniuses. Who’s dead, and who’s still standing after this lyrical war-like feuding? Are we ready for the 4th round, or is it time a champion is crowned? Perhaps the real war is just starting!

Listen to Talk Facts below.



Source: Dancehallmag

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