Chronic Law Loves War In New Single ‘Heart Pon Happy Ice’: Listen

In blood boiling murderous vibes, dancehall artiste Chronic Law puts lyrics to the Crusader Riddim, to voice his ice-cold war tune, Heart Pon Happy Ice.

The Law Boss in response of the dissing of his don, has put his heart on ice, happy ice that is. In straight Antarctica style, the Smaddy Afi Feel It artiste, exposes his character, fully fearless and packing in lyrical shoes and lace, he will not hesitate to beat it to any dissing artiste’s shame and disgrace.

In a familiar sound, he opens with a deadly flow, his bottle like olive oil and cocked firearm, ready to kill in style. With the use of various guns including a rifle, he boasts about killing and placing the enemy’s spirit in bottles from his youthful days – ‘Anybody plan fi try fi diss di don, dem fi die, zombie lite guh fi dem, when nuh candle light, the rifle nuh string pan amplifier but it a beat heavy, sic boss. Mi dun put mi heart pan happy ice, mi anno smaddy nice, mi kill dem an put dem duppy inna bottle like olive oil, from mi a likkle bwoy…”

Being ever loving of wars, Law got radical with his intentions to create the next zombie profile. Noting his love and dedication the murderous lifestyle, he warns, “…mi love murder, mi love war, love murder nuh weh nuh deh too far…”

Produced by Kwashawna Records, already the May 15, 2020 release has proven to be a hit, with almost 60,000 YouTube Views. Could this be the call others are waiting for to start a mutli-artiste battle or a lyrical shootout in collaboration.

In anticipation for the weekend parties hosted in our varying virtual realities, this one will be a nice compliment to the recent Kartel and Sikka Rymes gun tdune, ‘Gaza Run the World’, – thought to be another response to ‘some man.



Source: Dancehallmag

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