Chronic Law Is Surrounded by Heartless People In New Video For ‘No Love’: Watch

Dancehall fans were recently treated to a lyrical gun-blazing 5-round fight between Akeeme Campbell, professionally known as Chronic Law and Jahmiel of the MVP. Now they will have the say their graces to an emotionally, calm, cool and deadly serving of ‘No Love’ from the Law Boss himself.

In his last war blow, the ‘School Dem’ Deejay promised to add nothing else, and if we did not believe, his April 27, 2020 music video release titled ‘No Love’ is all the proof we need. Produced by Hungry Lion Records, the Law Boss expresses in emotion the lack of love and devotion, often from those closest. – “Out here win uh feel no love, surrounded by worthless people, pretty smile but evil,…war nuh start wid enemy, war start wid smaddy close yow.” Here he said nothing of his recent opponent, perhaps presumed lyrically dead.

Backed by supporting vocals, Law delivers in a style not synonymous of his recent mode. Instead, in a lyrically clean and relatable flow he hails the 6IX and gives thanks for the loyal ones whose hearts have not gone cold. The even tone of the St. Thomas native delivers the revelation of how, those who are supposed to be friends uses the loyal for convenience. The visuals were shot in a Jamaica community, where scenes of a loyal friend compassionately giving his car, his money and even the shirt on his back to those undeserving. Pointedly so the video in plain sight depicts the loyal giver as the Law Boss himself – as he performs in a similar shirt given to the loveless, selfish, fake-friends.

Chronic Law held nothing back, as the pain of being taken for granted sparked in his mind violent attacks – “Everybody treat mi like mi nhave feelings, mi waan love, mi heart done yuh can keep it, mi start fire from far like freekick, it grieve mi fi si fren deceive mi, mi a go squeeze if mi si dem di evening…”

‘No Love’ is not just suited for airplay, it addresses a relatable and real topic identified among friends, family, couples, etc. Indeed the ‘Good Name’ artiste has again managed to win the heart of fans, even those across the fences.

Click on the link below to watch “No Love”.


Source: Dancehallmag

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