Chinese National Fined $5 Million for Fake Goods in Court 

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: A Chinese national who has been arrested on more than one occasion for selling fake goods, was convicted and fined a sum of $5 million when he appeared in the St James parish Court on Monday, May 28.

The accused, Shifu Huang, who operates a business in Montego Bay, St James, was dragged before the Court on charges of Unlicensed use of Trademark.

Reports by the police are that on both occasions in December of 2016 and April of 2017, officers attached to the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Unit C-TOC, carried out operations at a business establishment operated by the Chinese businessman.

During a search of the store, he was found to be selling fake goods with fake brands such as PUMA, NIKE, ADIDAS and CONVERSE.

Huang was ordered to pay the fine or serve a term of eight months in prison.


By Henry Bucknor 

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