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Chinese businessman shot with his own gun at his gate by a robber


Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – A 39-year-old Chinese businessman who operates business in the downtown area of Montego Bay in St James, but resides at Westgate Hills was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in critical condition, this after a thug allegedly attempted to rob him.

Mckoy’s News reporter understands that the Chinese business owner was shot at his home in Westgate Hills on Saturday night April 8th 2017.

Reports are that the Chinese businessman drove to his home in Westgate Hills about 9:00 pm and was in the process of exiting his vehicle when he was pounced upon by a man armed with a handgun.

The gunman demanded money and when his demands were not met he used his firearm to inflict a wound to the head of the Chinese businessman who fell to the ground.

While on the ground the victim drew his licenses firearm and pointed it at the armed robbed who quickly held unto the weapon and a struggle ensued.

The robber managed to overpower the businessman and use his Owen firearm to shoot him in his abdomen.

He then made off on foot with the weapon.

The victim was assisted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital by neighbors and a report made to the Mount Salem police who are now investigating.

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