Chicken Scammer On The Loose…Plaguing Female Farmers In Clarendon

Female chicken farmers across Jamaica are being asked to be on the lookout for a chicken scammer, who is conning farmers into transactions and then driving off with his car trunk full of the meat, as soon as the farmers load his motor vehicle.

One woman from Sandy Bay, Clarendon took to social media on Sunday morning to warn other farmers about the man, whom she said sped off with a carload full of her chicken, as she watched helplessly.

“I was just rob of thirty five pounds of chicken by a man that drives a grey probox that is register as a taxi. He is tall, black and thick built and the top of his head is bald and around the side as twist like rass,” she said in her description of the man.

“He talks a lot.   When he comes to buy chicken from you he leaves the car trunk open to hide the license plate number.   Be on the lookout.  It happened in Clarendon,” she added.

The farmers said the amount of chicken the man stole was about 35 pounds, bit that he tried to take off with about twice the amount.

“It was more but a grab on to the bigger bag out of the car trunk when he was speeding off,” she explained.

One woman who read the notice said it was not the first she heard of a man fitting that same description stealing chicken meat from unsuspecting farmers.

“Omg.  He is everywhere.  He rob a lots of people in and around Mandeville.  He rob my friend too.  He was locked up last year.  He is the same person u describe.  He took my friend chicken, told her to go write a bill; she went to write it when she return he already drove off, but I know by the help of the Almighty him soon get caught again,” she said.

Feeding Programme - Le Antonio's Foundation
Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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