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Jamaica News, Kingston, JA: Cheyenne McKnight is no ordinary beauty queen! The gorgeous 20-year-old from Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, who hopes to vie for a spot in the 2018 Miss Jamaica Universe competition, is currently studying political science along with criminology and management studies at UWI, while volunteering her time mentoring younger women. 

“Growing up, I was very shy and entered pageants to build my self-esteem,” the former basketball, football and netball player admitted. 

“My goal is to become a lawyer in the near future, and supporting others is just one of my passions” she noted.

Chevonne participated in the annual Model Organization of American (MOAS) general assembly for high school in Washington DC., where she was exposed to many political activities. She has since teamed with other coordinators and representatives to establish a local MOAS division at St. Elizabeth Technical High School.

“My goal is to teach other students the value of hard work and the need for personal growth. As a Taylor Hall mentor, it give me great pleasure to help mold students on the right path” she said.
She is currently the assistant Culture and Entertainment Affairs chairperson (CEAC) for Block E- excellence at Taylor Hall. She is also an advocate for women’s rights and women’s issues. When queried about her thoughts on the Times-Up Now movement and the #MeToo campaign, the statuesque beauty is passionate and outspoken about the importance of financial independence for women.
“The #MeToo campaign and the #TimesUpNow movement have given a voice to the voiceless. Women are belittled many times because of being financially dependent on men,” she lamented.

The charismatic beauty, who has entered a few pageants in the past with varying results and successes, is firmly rooted in family values as well, and is grateful for the support that she has received.
“I have been influenced by my close relatives and I have decided to take those lessons taught to me into this realm of life” she noted.

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