The Bad Ones Are A Few – Charlemont Head Boy Supports Tough Action Against Unruly Students

The Bad Ones Are A Few – Charlemont Head Boy Supports Tough Action Against Unruly Students

Head Boy of Charlemont High School in St Catherine, Shemar Grant, said undisciplined students at the school are a small minority, adding that he and other student leaders are supportive of having them punished.

He made the declaration a day after a video emerged, showing a female student spitting expletives and other derogatory remarks at a teacher at the school. That incident happened last school year, but there have been subsequent ones – including a street fight last month.

The board of the school headed by Professor Colin Gyles, along with Principal Garth Gayle, has remained silent about the type of punishment meted out to the students – especially those who traded blows in the street last month, causing a schoolgirl to be hospitalized.

Grant, who contacted The Beacon last evening, agreed that the school should not shy away from disclosing punishment handed down, considering the general thrust to send a strong message to other students.

“The images and bad things being posted involve a minority of Charlemont High School students, and we do not support them having our image being tarnished,” Grant added.

He said the situation is demotivating to well-thinking students and teachers, and he is now done with the blame-game.

“Right now, I am done with the blaming; I am done with the cursing out; I am done with blaming Principal and everybody – internally and externally. I am literally done with that because I figured it’s hurting us.”

Grant, in the meantime, said he will, ahead of the next school term, present the school’s administration with proposals to possibly address the issue of indiscipline.

Right now, I am working on a proposal to be implemented in January as soon as we come back [from the Christmas break]. It is a proposal not only to combat indiscipline, but to be proactive about it – to engage it before it even happens,” the student leader said.

“He continued: “If he (the principal) fails to implement the programme without a proper replacement, I will be forced to retire my prefects. I have said it to them and I have said it to my advisers, and all my prefects agree with what I am doing.”

Grant, in the meantime, appealed for students and members of the public to cease circulating videos of incidents involving unruly students.

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