Chad Ziadie and Simone DaCosta take Bernard Cridland Memorial

Jamaica News: There were two new champions at this year’s staging of the Bernard Cridland Sporting Clays Memorial which was put on by the Friendly Lodge 239EC on Sunday at the Jamaica Skeet Club in Portmore.  Chad Ziadie was the highest overall winner with a score of 87 ahead of runner-up – president of the Jamaica Skeet Club Jordan Samuda who was just one stroke behind on 86.  The other champion, the Ladies champion and Hunters or Beginning champion Simone DaCosta, won her first tournament which resulted in her gaining promotion to E Class.

Ziadie who was declared highest overall (HOA) for the first time was pleased with his performance.  He said “it feels good coming out of bird bush.  It takes a lot of time to adjust back to sporting clays cause it’s totally different.  I came out with Bruce Duquesnay and Jordan Samuda who is the runner-up on Thursday and the practice went very well.  I think that had a lot to with my performance today and I was just calm the whole day.  It’s my first win.  It should have come a lot earlier.  I have been shooting very well over the past few years so i’m just glad to get the first win under my belt and just move forward to the sporting clays season.”

Ladies Champion Simone DaCosta was very happy with winning a tournament for the first time.  According to DaCosta “it feels really good.  I am actually at a loss for words.  It just shows that hard work and dedication really pays off.  I have been working vigorously with coach Khaleel Azan for the past year and I have been training with the juniors and its really challenging.  That competition during training actually helps me focus a little more coming into competition so today I was just on my a-game.”  DaCosta said that she was not intimidated by former champion Wendy McMaster, as a matter of fact she did not know that she won until McMaster came over and congratulated her for winning.  DaCosta who has been shooting for the past two years looks forward to getting better as the season continues.

The top three winners in various classes from A to Hunters or beginners were:

A Class – Shaun Barnes 85 – the 6-time national champion and 2017 winner, Christian Sasso 84 – the 2-time national champion and 2018 winner.  He placed second ahead of Bruce DuQuesnay 84 by way of long run which means that Sasso got a better score on a pre-selected station if there is a need to determine a class champion.

B Class – Mark Desnoes 78, Zachary Harris 78 and Robbie Subaran 71.  Desnoes and Harris were engaged in a shoot-off to determine the class champion.  Desnoes picked off seven of eight birds to Harris’ one – to take the class.

C Class – Craig Davis 76, Jonah Subaran 75 and Ryan Chung 74.

D Class – Dale Delapenha 74, Rojhir DaCosta 73 and Justin Reid 72.

E Class – Gordon Bucknor 68 was promoted to D Class after winning E Class, Gregory East 68 and Winston Quest 66.  Bucknor and East had to be separated by a shoot-off.  They both shot three from eight in the first round then had to do another round to separate them. In the second round which was done by reverse order East shot two from eight while Bucknor shot five from eight to win the class.

Hunters Class – Simon DaCosta 69, Joshua Lym 54 and Kurt McKenzie 53.


Ladies Class – Simone DaCosta 69, Wendy McMaster 61 and Savannah Miller 52.


Juniors – Mark Desnoes 78, Cameron Phang Sang 76 and Rajhir DaCosta 73.


Sub Juniors – Noah Azan 59, Ryan Lue 41 and Kyle Reid 34.


The Memorial boasted over ninety gunners spread out over fourteen stations for a 10:30 am shotgun start.


The event was staged to raise funds for several organizations including the Preemie foundation of Jamaica, Early Childhood Commission, Bahamas Hurricane relief fund, Mary’s Child Shelter, YMCA and the National Children Home.


The memorial was sponsored by ATL Automotive, Proven Wealth, YUMMY Bakery, ALTO copy, BD Gregg and Bro, Cadence, Campari, Chad-Ad, Chukka Adventures, Chungs Catering, CLAD Developers Driftwood Gun Club, Edgechem, Foodtrucksofjamaica, Fraser Fontaine Kong, Frenchmen Party, Guardsman, Kingston Industrial (KIA), Matalon Roofing, MGIB, Power Desiel, Pure Country Juices, Quality Incorporated, RJR Communications Group, Sasco Distributors, Walkerswood, West Indies Petroleum, Yaaman Adventures, Top Shelf Bar Service, The Deck Bar, Jam Port Ltd., Quality Incorporated and Power Diesel.

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