Central Village Couple Murdered over Seized Firearm

Central Village Couple Murdered Of Seized Firearm
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The police in Kingston have confirmed that the 24-year-old female Sales Representative and her husband, who were both shot and killed by gunmen in Central Village on Monday, October 8, are believed to have been murdered over an illegal firearm which was seized in the area, few days prior to them being shot.

Nicolette Hardy, a Sale Representative who was employed to Wisynco and her husband Fabian Hardly, a security guard, and both of Central Village was attacked in their home and shot.

The police reported that shortly after 7:30 pm on Monday, Hardy and her husband were at home in Central Village when armed men forced their way inside their home.

The gunmen opened fire, hitting the couple multiple times to their upper bodies.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the couple was discovered suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were transported to a hospital where Hardy was pronounced dead and her husband admitted in serious condition.

Fabian Hardey succumbs to his wounds sometime later.

The police have now indicated that the couple who were branded as police informers, may have been murdered because of an illegal firearm which the police seized in Central Village.

Reports are that earlier in the month, the police carried out an operation in the area, and seized an illegal firearm.

The couple was threatened and blamed for the seizure of the weapon. The nature of the incident was so grave that they were given police escort from the community.

On Monday, October 8, about 4:00 pm, the couple returned back to their home and hours later they were slaughtered by gunmen.

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