Cecile Clare Kitchen of Love – Pushing Through Covid-19

For the last 26 years, Cecile Clare Kitchen of Love has provided hot meals to approximately 600 hungry, sick, indigent and housebound residents in the parish of Hanover.

When Mckoy’s News visited the location in the town of Lucea, Hanover, on Tuesday, we saw the volunteers passionately working around the stoves to help prepare the hot meals they are famously known for. We spoke to Rev Freeman, Chairman of the Hanover Ministers’ Fraternal, who described the operations from the food preparation to the delivery of the meals all over eastern and western Hanover.

When asked what the objective is for Cecile Clare Kitchen of Love, the minister of religion states that the operation will continue and will ensure that no one is ever turned away when they come for a hot meal.

Cecile Clare Kitchen of Love was founded by Cecile Clare, a senior citizen and educator. It started out by preparing soup on coal pots; and motor vehicle tyre rims and now meals are prepared with stoves.

The initiative is completely driven by volunteers’ effort—from the meal preparation, to delivery to home and dropping points.

It is understood that the operation cost approximately US $400 to operate on a weekly basis. The meals are provided every Tuesday and were usually prepared by senior citizens. However, because of the vulnerability the elderly to COVID-19 the operators have since temporarily replaced the seniors with pastors and ministers of various local churches.

Hanover Charities

Katrin Casserly , chairman of Hanover Charities, said at a recent press launch that the charity has recently become a key partner in the Hanover Strong initiative which seeks to help combat the COVID-19 battle in the parish.

Though Hanover has recorded zero cases to date, the initiative seeks to ensure that a 5-prong approach is executed. This includes mass sanitation of the streets and private and public passenger vehicles, a food program with cooked meals as well as food items; mask distribution and provision and distribution of medication.

As a charity organization, we are lucky enough to just have had a fundraiser, and raised additional funds from visitors who visit annually. [This has] helped us to acquire the goods for the CARE packages, have volunteers organized and to work together as a team—this is what’s important right now—organizations, churches, schools and youth clubs coming together to help those who are truly in need,” she said.

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