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Nine Celebrities With Chronic Illnesses Celebrity News Featured News Jamaica Headline News Health Jamaican News Latest News People Selena Gomez US News 

Nine Celebrities With Chronic Illnesses

United States of America (LiveScience)- Nine Celebrities With Chronic Illnesses: Writer and actress Lena Dunham described her decade-long struggle with endometriosis in her November 2015 newsletter, Lenny Letter. Dunham said that, since puberty, she has suffered from irregular periods, abdominal pain and chronic exhaustion. Her life changed the moment she finally received the diagnosis of endometriosis, Dunham wrote. Endometriosis occurs when cells from... Read More
Selena Gomez Life Saving Kidney Transplant Africa News Caribbean News Celebrity News Europe News Headline News Health Jamaican News Latest News People Selena Gomez US News World News 

Selena Gomez Life Saving Kidney Transplant

United States of America (LiveScience)- Selena Gomez Life Saving Kidney Transplant: Singer Selena Gomez revealed today (Sept. 14) that she recently had a kidney transplant due to complications from lupus. But how does lupus affect the kidneys, and why do people with the condition sometimes need kidney transplants? In an Instagram post, Gomez, who is 25, explained to fans why she appeared to... Read More
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