Ramone Patterson Murdered

‘Casha’ Charged with Murder of Ramone Patterson

‘Casha’ Charged with Murder of Ramone Patterson: Thirty-five-year-old Cassia Murry otherwise called ‘Casha’, janitor of Bread Lane in Kingston 14 has been charged for the Murder of 25-year-old Ramone Patterson otherwise called ‘6 Boss’, baker of Doyle Way in Trench Town, Kingston 12 which occurred on Monday, November 28.

Reports from Denham Town police , are that about 11:15 a.m., Patterson was home when Murry came to the house and saw him with another female. An argument developed between the two which escalated into a fight, it is alleged that Murry pulled a knife from her waistband and stabbed Patterson several times. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Murray later turned herself in to the Police. She was arrested and placed into custody and subsequently charged. Her court date is being finalised.

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