Case against Three Police Officers in Mario Deane Saga Moved to Circuit   

Mario Deane
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Jamaica Crime News, St James: Our news team has learnt that the case against three police officers in the Mario Deane saga has now been transferred to Circuit Court.

Following the appearances of all three accused in the St James Parish Court on Friday, May 24, Judge Sandra Wong-Small related that the case needs special attention so she ordered it transferred to Circuit.

Justice Wong-Small decision came about following the murder of the key witness, Fahdeal Ferguson, otherwise called “Street Man” 24-year-old unemployed of Dam Road.

Ferguson was shot and killed by men wearing unmarked ballistic vests, along with Odaine Graham 23-year-old Mason, also of Dam Road in Spring Mount on Friday, April 20.

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Ferguson was the prime witness in the case which 50-year-old Corporal Elaine Stewart, 27-year-old District Constable Marlon Grant and 32-year-old District Constable Juliana Clevon, were charged jointly by the Independent Commission of Investigation with Manslaughter, Perverting the course of Justice and Misconduct in Public Office.

Their arrest arose from an incident at the Barnett Street police lockup in Montego Bay, St James on Sunday, August 3, 2014, which caught international attention.

The deceased Mario Deane was taken into custody for a simple ganja spliff while on his way to work in the Rosemount community.

He was taken to the Barnett Street lockup, but while in lockup he was beaten by other inmates and died three days later at the Cornwall Regional Hospital after suffering severe head injuries.

Following the murder of the key witness, Attorney At Law Martyn Thomas related that he was very concerned with the death of the key witness and indicated that if the case is transferred to the Circut Court over the next few days Ferguson’s death might affect the defense case.

His concerns have materialized into reality, because the case has now been transferred circuit and without the key witness, it will now prove a tougher case.


By Henry Bucknor       

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