Carey McLeod finished 3rd at NCAA Indoor Championships

Jamaican Carey McLeod from the University of Tennessee finished third in the men’s long jump with a new personal best 8.26m at the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCCA) Indoor Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Saturday, March 13, 2021.

McLeod extended his University of Tennessee school record after jumping 8.25m at the South Eastern Conference (SEC) championships two weeks ago his 8.26 effort, is the fifth farthest leap of the year.

American’s JayVaughn Harrison produced the best single-day high jump and long jump double ever to provide one of several highlights at the NCAA Indoor Championships

Just two hours after winning the high jump with a 2.30m personal best, Harrison, 21, returned to action in the long jump where he sailed out to a world-leading 8.45m in the fifth round to land in the event’s No.8 position all-time indoors.

Harrison, a student at Louisiana State University arrived with a personal best of 8.33m, achieved at this same facility at the SEC Championships on 26 February, and ultimately needed to exceed that to conclude his double triumph.

In a quality competition, Isaac Grimes set the tone with an 8.14m leap in the first round and further padded his lead with an 8.21m in the second. Meanwhile, Harrison made a more low-key start, posting a 7.89m opener before he improved to 8.02m in round three and 8.14m in round four.

His big leap came in the fifth round, but Grimes didn’t give up, giving Harrison one last scare with a final-round 8.35m jump, equalling the second farthest in the world this indoor season and a career-best.

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