Care packages going out in St Mary quarantined area

The government has already distributed one thousand four hundred (1,400) care packages to communities in the quarantined areas of St Mary.

As of last week Thursday, May 7, Annotto Bay, Enfield and Dover in southeast St Mary were placed under a 14-day quarantine as there were some 13 confirmed COVID-19 cases from these communities. Up to then, St Mary had 16 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

In speaking about the care packages, each containing food for a family of four, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the team from the Ministry of Labour and  Social Security was “programmed to deliver another 2,000 packages, starting tomorrow.”

He appealed to the people under quarantine in the areas not to worry as everything was being done to get them supplies.

Mr Holness said there was no requirement for people to show TRN to get the packages. However, he said there had to be accountability to protect the needy from the greedy.

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