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Cancer Stricken High School Student Dies inside the US Embassy Seeking Visa

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – A 19-year-old student of Excelsior High School, who developed rare form of osteosarcoma, and sought the help of the United Stated Embassy in Kingston for a visa to receive treatment in the US, died as he handed in his passport to the embassy official on Thursday.

Reports are that 19-year-old osteosarcoma cancer patient Delmar Braham, stopped breathing and passed away peacefully in his wheelchair at the agent window in the United States Embassy, Kingston on Thursday, where he went to apply for an emergency medical US visa.

The Former Excelsior High sixth-form student developed a rare form of osteosarcoma, which created a huge tumour below his shoulder, causing him to stop his sixth form education, and leave school.

Delmar Braham, who was last April diagnosed with osteosarcoma, is seen here with his mother Carol Lodge.

Braham, was scheduled to leave for the US today, Friday February 03, 2017.

It was arranged for him to receive treatment for the aggressive form of cancer at Albany Medical Centre in New York.

Delmar Braham was accompanied to the US Embassy by his parents and family friend Narda Hamilton. Hamilton helped his parents take care of him and accompanied him inside the Embassy, she witnessed his death:

“His parents were there, but I was the one who went inside with him. We went inside through the checkpoint with him in a wheelchair and went to the window. I was there and handed in his passport. I realised he was not breathing and I just started screaming,” states a grief filled Hamilton.

The United States Embassy expressed condolence:

“We are saddened by this tragedy and I want to express the Embassy’s deepest condolence to his family,” US Ambassador Luis Moreno said

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